What are Bad Ass Bullets?

What Caliber Is Your Ride?

The .45 caliber cartridge was designed by John Browning in 1904, and there’s a good reason why it is still around today. It’s Bad Ass. Used in millions of pistols, it is a venerable round that will be here for a long time to come. And the .50 AE cartridge is the most powerful pistol cartridges in production today, making it even more Bad Ass. When our men in uniform need to reach out and touch someone behind a brick wall, the .50 AE is the “instant message” of choice. So outfitting your bike with these iconic bullet casings is not only a tribute to history and firearm technology, it’s an outright honor. 
Our full line of air stem covers, license plate screw covers, and bolt covers will outfit your entire bike and will last for years to come.

Easy On, Easy Off 

We’ve developed a system that is simple to install and to remove. Other companies offer custom bolt covers, but they often use silicon or epoxy, which makes them difficult to remove and impossible to put back on. Not Bad Ass Specialties. And some companies charge over a thousand dollars for their bolt covers! Not us. All of our products can be removed and reattached many times while remaining fully functional, and at a reasonable price. So how do we do it? We make a small sleeve on a Swiss screw machine. This sleeve slides over the head of the socket head cap screw. The bullet casing then slides over the sleeve and the screw head and is tapped on with a blunt instrument, such as a plastic-headed hammer. They can be removed using a pliers with protected jaws, such as plastic tips. This convenience enables you to remove bolts easily should you need to work on your bike, or if you decide to switch your Bad Ass Bullets to a different color. 

Transform your ride into something truly Bad Ass. Pick up a set of Bad Ass Bullets today.

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