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When it’s time to give a gift, leave the gift cards in the checkout lane, forget about the boxed collection of hot sauces, and let grandma deal with knitting the sweaters. A Bad Ass Bullets gift set will really get the recipient fired up! Instead of buying a few pieces and have them wishing they had more, get them the whole damn kit! Complete with License Plate Screw Covers, Valve Stem Covers and Bolt Covers to dress up the entire bike, it’s a one-shot solution to all your gift-giving needs. Another angle to consider is when you’re buying gifts for yourself. We’ve all justified buying gifts for ourselves - either because no one else does or simply because you deserve to. There’s no better way to roll - one Bad Ass Bullets gift set equal one awesome motorcycle - end of story.


How Do Bad Ass Bullets Work?
These custom bolt covers work for just about any bike, from Harley and Indian to our metric-system imports. That’s why we have two caliber covers: .45 fit on ¼ and 6mm sockets and are sold in a pack of six; .50 for 3/16 screws and are sold in packs of four - most bikes will need four or eight. Bad Ass Bullets come in three colors: chrome, brass, and 24-karat gold plated.


Easy Install, Easy Removal 


We’ve developed a system that is simple to install and easy to remove. Other companies offer custom bolt covers, but they often use silicon or epoxy, which makes them difficult to remove and impossible to put back on. Not Bad Ass Bullets. All of our products can be removed and reattached several times while remaining fully functional. So how do we do it? We make a small sleeve on a Swiss screw machine. This sleeve slides over the head of the socket head cap screw. The bullet casing then slides over the sleeve and the screw head and they are tapped on with a blunt instrument, such as a plastic-headed hammer. They can be removed using a pliers with protected jaws, such as plastic tips.


Transform your ride into something truly Bad Ass. Pick up a set of air stem covers today.
Bad Ass Bullets. What Caliber Is Your Ride?

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