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Add Personality to Your Bike With Custom Valve Stem Covers

Riding a motorcycle offers a special kind of freedom. You hear the hum of the highway under your feet. You can feel the terrain under your wheels as your tires grip the pavement. You’re more intimately involved in your surroundings. This is how you experience America. This is why you ride. Every trip is unique. Your bike should be, too. Instead of those flimsy plastic valve stem covers – the same ones used on every Huffy or Chevy – dress up your ride with the custom look of genuine bullet casings. We offer a full line of air stem covers for your motorcycle so you can achieve a polished-yet-rugged look that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Our covers are made from fired .45-caliber rounds and are made right here in the United States, in our machine shop in Bloomington, Minnesota. We take the spent casings and polish, retool, and package them so they’re ready for your motorcycle.


Three Bad Ass Colors of Custom Valve Stem Covers

Our valve stem covers come in three colors: chrome, 24-carat gold plated, and raw brass for a truly metal look.


How Do Bad Ass Bullets Work?
Valve stem covers are easy enough to figure out: you just screw them on. But our product line doesn’t stop there. Our full line of air stem covers, license plate screw covers, and bolt covers will outfit your entire bike and will last for years to come.

We’ve developed a system that is simple to install and to remove. Other companies offer custom bolt covers, but they often use silicon or epoxy, which makes them difficult to remove and impossible to put back on. Not Bad Ass Bullets. All of our products can be removed and reattached several times while remaining fully functional. So how do we do it? We make a small sleeve on a Swiss screw machine. This sleeve slides over the head of the socket head cap screw. The bullet casing then slides over the sleeve and the screw head and they are tapped on with a blunt instrument, such as a plastic-headed hammer. They can be removed using a pliers with protected jaws, such as plastic tips.


Transform your ride into something truly Bad Ass. Pick up a set of air stem covers today.

Bad Ass Bullets. What Caliber Is Your Ride?

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