How Are Bad Ass Bullets Installed?

Installation is easy. Just watch our videos and you’ll see how quickly you can install, remove, and reinstall Bad Ass Bullets.

Life is tough enough without having to mess around with bike parts that take hours to figure out, and bruised knuckles to finally get them in place. Installing Bad Ass Bullets is incredibly easy. We don’t use any epoxy or silicone, so you won’t have to worry about making a mess. And these aren’t some cheap kind of plastic that just sits on top of the bolt. Our systems are engineered to provide years of great style because they have been developed to be removed and reattached many times.

We’ve developed a system that is simple to install and to remove. Other companies offer custom bolt covers, but they often use silicon or epoxy, which makes them difficult to remove and impossible to put back on. Not Bad Ass Specialties. All of our products can be removed and reattached many times while remaining fully functional.

So how do we do it? We make a small sleeve on a Swiss screw machine. This sleeve slides over the head of the socket head cap screw. The bullet casing then slides over the sleeve and the screw head and they are tapped on with a blunt instrument, such as a plastic-headed hammer. They can be removed using a pliers with protected jaws, such as plastic tips. If you don't have special pliers on hand, you can wrap a cloth over the Bad Ass Bullets and use that to cushion the pliers' grip. Then you twist. That's it. 

Simple, isn’t it? Now that’s Bad Ass.

Bad Ass Bullets. What Caliber Is Your Ride?

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