Bullets on a Budget: Your Best Low-Price Options

For a while, now, bolt covers have been subjected to budget-breaking sales tactics. Bad Ass Bullets is here to overturn the age-old pricing model, dishing out great options at your benefit. The .45 caliber cartridge was crafted back in 1904 by John Browning. Since then, it’s been re-drafted to mesh with your Harley’s superior vibe. If you’re outfitting your bike with Bad Ass Bullets, you’re honoring history while saving your bank account.

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These Bolt Covers Look the Best on Your Harley

Your Harley is tough, and it’s deserving of hardcore accessories. To draw attention, you’ll need to pack on the bolt covers. Nothing ruins a Harley’s appearance like unsightly bolts, ragged sides and innards cluttered with threads and uncovered ends. If you want to outfit your Harley with a badass set of bolt covers, check out our recommendations.

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3 Ways to Personalize Your License Plate

As the owner and operator of a motorcycle, you have a lot to say. Just like many people personalize their car's license plate to reflect their interests, motorcycle enthusiasts like to do the same. Fortunately, there are several unique ways you can do so. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About License Plate Screw Covers From Bad Ass Bullets

License plate screw covers conceal the screws that hold your license plate in place while also making a statement. They allow you to customize your bike while showing off some of your personality. If you are looking for license plate screw covers for your motorcycle, check out the ones manufactured by Bad Ass Bullets. Getting answers to the questions you have about their license plate screw covers will help you learn about both this part and the company.

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The Benefits of Motorcycle Bolt Covers

If you are a new motorcycle owner, or looking to personalize one for the first time, you may be reading magazines or internet forums about this topic. While learning about this topic, you may come across an article about motorcycle bolt covers or people talking about them. Motorcycle bolt covers are exactly what they sound like; they are small covers that are placed over the bolts on your bike. Aside from using them for cosmetic reasons, there are other benefits to them as well. At BadAss Bullets, we design motorcycle bolt covers out of actual bullets, giving you a unique look to both a decorative and functional piece of bike hardware. We encourage you to buy these for your bike and want to educate you on the benefits. Here are a few of the benefits of using motorcycle bolt covers.

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What Factors Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Air Stem Covers For Your Motorcycle?

Air stem covers are covers that are placed over the air stem on the wheels of your motorcycle. These covers are mostly done for cosmetic reasons, as the air valve on a tire always includes a plain cover. However, as you shop for this motorcycle accessory, you will find that not all air stem covers are the same. Here are a few factors you will want to pay close attention to as you shop for them. It will help you find the right ones for your bike.

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The Perfect Gifts for a Motorcycle Lover

When it comes to the motorcycle lover in your life, it can be difficult to give gifts. Most motorcyclists are extremely particular about their gear, so you either need to know them very well or get them gifts that will work for anyone. Here are some suggestions for gifts that are simple, easy, and likely to be appreciated by any motorcyclist. 

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How Do Bad Ass Bullets Work?

If you’re interested in a hardcore, fun way to enhance the look and feel of your motorcycle, then Bad Ass Bullets are just what you need. These shell casings are ideal for bikes such as Harleys and Indian Scouts, because they’re dynamic, eye-catching, and they accentuate engine features in a rugged way. The applications and installation of Bad Ass Bullets are both easy and straightforward.

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